Thursday, October 25, 2012

Houdini Haunted House in Virginia

A special Houdini-themed haunted house attraction is now playing at the Historic North Theatre Performing Arts Center in Danville, Virginia. Here's the description form the official website:

Houdini’s Haunted Basement is not your standard haunted house with just chainsaws and gore. It is a theatrical and interactive experience with Hollywood special effects and illusions. This professional haunted house is filled with horrifying live actors, spine-tingling sound and is designed to scare and amaze you.

Harry Houdini, the world’s most famous magician died on October 31, 1926, coincidentally Halloween. In his lifetime he exposed and ruined hundreds of fake spiritualists. Are their spirits returning to confront you? Do they want revenge? Legend has it that Houdini said he would return from the dead if it was possible. Will he come back?

Get ready to scream and be amazed! This ain’t your grandfather’s old spook house.


Click here to buy tickets to Houdini's Haunted Basement at the North Theatre.

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