Friday, October 12, 2012

Tom Interval conjures Houdini's voice

Our friend Tom Interval of has created a new version of the Houdini voice recording. Tom has worked in the longer introduction that has only recently became available, and has applied audio noise reduction throughout (as well as translation). The result is definitely the best, most complete version of Houdini's voice available.

The Houdini voice recording is actually an edited combination of two different and much longer recordings of Houdini delivering his Water Torture Cell patter. While the original Edison wax cylinders containing the recordings are tucked away in the David Copperfield collection, both recordings were recently played in their entirety by Arthur Moses at the Magic Collectors Weekend in Chicago.


  1. Incredible work by Tom. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks to you (as well as David of course) for the preservation of these priceless important cylinders. Hope I’m able to hear all of them someday.