Saturday, October 20, 2012

Houdini The Untold Story Deluxe Collector's Edition

David Haversat Magic is offering a new Deluxe Collector's Edition of Houdini The Untold Story by Milbourne Christopher. David will have copies of the book at the New England Magic Collectors Association Yankee Gathering XIV on November 8-10. He will then ship pre-orders starting November 12.

No cover image yet, but David tells me the book will have a blue cover with copper foil stamping. Here's the full description:

1969 First Edition
This is a Deluxe Collector's Edition of Milbourne Christopher's Best Selling Book - Houdini The Untold Story. Many of us began our start in collecting after reading a number of Christopher's ground-breaking history books. This new release is limited to ONLY 300 hand-numbered copies with special binding and new color section. This publication will ship to buyers on November 12th. Pre-ordering now will insure lower numbered copies. Books ordered at this time will receive a personal inscription from Maurine Christopher. This publication is made possible through the Milbourne Christopher Foundation. Price is only $65.00. + $5.95 for shipping. Order Today. Paypal -

David gave me a preview of one of the unpublished photos from his own collection that will be included in the new section, and it's a wow! (He also generously granted me permission to show it during my Houdini history presentation at the Official Houdini Seance in Fort Worth.)

With only 300 copies, I'd say this is one to pre-order ASAP. I know I did!


  1. Very cool to hear that you are giving a presentation at the Official Houdini Séance; I will look forward to it. I am also looking forward to getting a copy of Houdini, The Untold Story Deluxe Collector’s Edition. Ever since I was a kid, this has been my favorite book on Houdini.

  2. This is one of the books I lost to mold and mildew when my collection went through a fire :(

  3. Sure wish I could be at the Official Houdini Seance this year. I was at the London Seance in 1999 and it was a great experience. Say hi to everyone for me please. I'll be there in spirit - let's hope Harry is too!

    1. I'm sorry you can't make it, Mick. But I see another seance in our future.

  4. Sent the money in just after you posted the article. Looking forward to the book. Thanks for keeping us up to date with these types of things.