Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Houdini musical now looking to 2014

After five years of development, it looked like 2013 was finally going to be the year of the big Houdini Broadway musical starring Hugh Jackman. But after Aaron Sorkin dropped out in January, all talk of a 2013 debut dried up. In fact, we've not heard a peep of news about the production since.

But now has a somewhat encouraging update. The site says it's now possible the play will open on Broadway in Fall 2014.

This information comes from recent interviews with Hugh Jackman, who is out promoting his latest Wolverine film. When asked about Houdini, the actor told Elvis Duran and The Morning Show, "We got a final workshop at the end of this year, if all goes well, next year we'll bring it to Broadway." (Video.)

Playbill says a representative for the production could not confirm immediate Broadway plans, but stated that a fall workshop will allow the creative team to determine the potential for a 2014 Broadway arrival.

Meanwhile, Aaron Sorkin, who dropped out of Houdini citing time constraints, has now magically found time to become involved in a different Broadway musical. Playbill says Sorkin's representatives have been working with Houdini producers to work out how much of his contributions will be incorporated into the future life of the production.

For me, that's just more evidence that Sorkin's work on Houdini was not up to scratch and this is the real reason for the musical going off track. But Sorkin is a media darling and I guess no one is allowed to say that. But I'll say it. I never understood his hiring in the first place.

Anyway, here's hoping Houdini and Jackman will make it to Broadway in 2014.

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