Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stream The Man From Beyond

Houdini's 1922 silent feature film, The Man From Beyond, is now available for streaming via Amazon Instant Video. This follows Terror Island as the second Houdini movie to be made available for streaming, which means you can watch it on computers, phones, and tablets.

The version offered here is from the 2008 Kino box set, Houdini The Movie Star, which collects all of Houdini's available silent films along with rare footage of his real escapes. The steaming page features this unique Kino The Man From Beyond artwork.

It's very satisfying to see Houdini's movies being offered via the most modern methods of film distribution. Of course, we don't yet have in any form the one Houdini movie we most want to see...

Click here to stream The Man From Beyond via Amazon Instant Video (Amazon Prime members can stream for free).


  1. I am not sure that we will ever be able to stream the Grim Game, but we can hope; I guess we will have to settle for access to the script and the stills of the Grim Game for now.

    1. The Grim Game exists, so I think we will see it...eventually. My real concern is we will never see complete versions of Terror Island or The Master Mystery.