Thursday, July 25, 2013

News of Houdini's lost scrapbook goes international

Looks like our big story from last week about the lost Houdini spiritualism scrapbook has now gone international. The French website ActuaLitté.com has an article about the book using a few of my photos with a nice link back. I have to say, traffic on this story has been c'est magnifique!

Here are a few more links to stories about the book:

It's odd that, apart from Magicana, I haven't been able to interest the major magic news sites like iTricks and Magic Newswire in this discovery. However, there will be a special something about the book in an upcoming Magic Castle newsletter. Yes, even the House of Vernon acknowledges that this is a pretty exciting find.

You can read the original story here. And if you are an interested collector, you can still send Mike the owner a confidential message via my Contact page.

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