Sunday, July 21, 2013

"How is it living with the most daring man alive?"

Here is a montage from the 1998 film HOUDINI starring Johnathon Schaech and Stacy Edwards. This mixes recreations of actual Houdini's escapes with beats of a worried Bessie, all to a beautiful rendition of Rosie, Sweet Rosabel. It's my favorite part of this film. Enjoy.

 HOUDINI recently became available on DVD via the Warner Archive Collection. You can read my full review/overview of the movie HERE.


  1. I have a question unrelated to this post. I recently took a trip to LA and visited the Paramount studio. It got me wondering where exactly did Houdini film his movies. Was one of the many Paramount studios I drove by during my tour one where he actually was filmed? I am a bit confused over the Lasky studios and how they relate to the curRent Paramount studios in and the same? Finally the famous photo of Houdini doing a headstand on the head of a statue of a lion......what studio was this and does this statue still exist?

    1. The original Lasky-Paramount studio where Houdini (presumably) filmed interiors for The Grim Game and Terror Island was located at the corner of Sunset and Vine and is now long gone. However, the barn that served as an office (DeMille's office, in fact) now sits across from the Hollywood Bowl and is the headquarters of Hollywood Heritage and a terrific silent movie museum:

      Bessie visited the Paramount lot that we know today. I did a post on that HERE.

      Houdini's three other films were all shot back east.

  2. I believe Houdini's first film The Master Mystery was shot in the New York area, as many silent films were before they migrated to Hollywood.