Sunday, April 27, 2014

Houdini baseball doesn't make it to bat

The signed Houdini baseball that was offered as part of Potter & Potter's "Spring Magic Auction" sale yesterday was withdrawn from the auction, along with the proceeding lot (226), a mounted "Harry Handcuff Houdini" signature. It's unclear why the baseball didn't make it to the auction block. It was indeed an unusual item.

Thanks to Phil Schwartz and James Smith at Thayer Magic for the intel.


  1. On January 5, 1920, the Boston Red Sox sold their star pitcher-turned-outfielder Babe Ruth to the NY Yankees. Perhaps "the Babe" knew HH?

    1. Never heard of a meeting between HH and The Babe.

  2. That signature did not look kosher to me. Unless I see a photo of Houdini signing a baseball, I'd stay away. Houdini enjoyed professional boxing and golfing, but I have never read about any attendance to baseball games.

    1. The signature looks okay to me (a few issues), but it would be somewhat untypical of HH to sign "Harry Houdini" in 1920. By then he was just "Houdini."

      The "Harry Handcuff Houdini" sig that was also pulled was definitely questionable.

      You right about the sports. HH didn't seem to be into team sports. He liked individual competition -- running, swimming, boxing, auto racing. Never heard a peep out of him about baseball.


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