Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Houdini the young runner

This is an excerpt from Houdini's 1925-26 full evening show program highlighting his early days as a runner. Athletics were a true passion of young Ehrich Weiss. What I like about this is it shows an uncommon shot of the young Houdini in the uniform of the Allerton Club, which pre-dates the more well-known shot of him from the Pastime Athletic Club. I also find it interesting that it states Houdini "is not a believer in Prohibition," which was the law of the land at the time.

You can read more about Houdini's pre-magic days as a young athlete HERE.


  1. Houdini was not a drinker but clearly understood the folly of legislating morality as Prohibition attempted to do.

  2. Archie MacMillan (sportswriter) ---- In 1892, Houdini set a record for run­ning around Central Park. He was the great­est swamp-runner that ever represented any athletic club, and it was great fun for him to start out of a Sunday afternoon and lead a pack of young hopefuls across the morass that at that time stretched across the northern end of Manhattan Island.