Friday, April 25, 2014

Ovation explores The Art Of: Magic

Magic will be the focus of the Ovation Network's The Art Of this Sunday, April 27. The series explores a new creative field each week through "boundary-pushing artists."

The boundary-pushers for this magic episode are escape artist Curtis Lovell II, magician Chad Allen, and magician Misty Lee, who is also one of the Houdini Seance mediums at The Magic Castle. If the sample clips are any indication, there will be plenty of references to Houdini in the episode.

Below is a clip of Misty Lee. For more check out the Ovation Network website.

UPDATE: The show was pretty good! As expected, there were lots of references to Houdini, especially in Misty's segment which provided a nice look inside the Houdini Seance Room at The Magic Castle.

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  1. On youtube Ovation's The Art of Magic watch Curtis Lovell II teach a magic trick.