Monday, April 7, 2014

Michael Redhill is 'Saving Houdini'

A new work of Houdini fiction is heading our way May 20, 2014. Saving Houdini by Michael Redhill is published by HarperCollins Canada and appears to mix magic and time travel. Here's a synopsis:

A classic adventure story set in historic Toronto—with a dash of humour and a lot of heart

Dashiel Woolf is ecstatic when famous magician Bloom the Beguiler brings him onstage during a special performance to mark the eighty-fifth anniversary of Harry Houdini’s death. But a century-old trick invented by Bloom’s grandfather goes inexplicably wrong—sending Dash back to 1926. Wandering the historic streets of Toronto, he barely recognizes his city but with the help of his new friend, Walt, he hatches a plan to invent the trick that will transport him home. In doing so, they just might prevent the Great Houdini from taking part in the event that ended his life, possibly changing history forever.

At the moment, Saving Houdini is only available for pre-order at the Canadian Here's hoping it appears on the U.S. and UK Amazon sites by publication.

Thanks to Michael Redhill for this first look at the cover art.

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