Monday, April 14, 2014

LINK: Is Hardeen full of ice?

Our good friend Joe Notaro of Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence has uncovered Hardeen's very own version of being "trapped" under ice during a bridge jump, as told in his pitchbook, The Life and History of Hardeen. Hardeen's version isn't quite as dramatic as his brother's harrowing adventure, but that's the story of Hardeen's life, isn't it?

One wonders if Hardeen's story is any more true than Houdini's. It would be interesting if Hardeen's story is what inspired Houdini to create his own far more dramatic version. Or maybe the brothers shared stories just as they shared props and poster art, etc.

Click on over to Joe's blog and read all about Hardeen's own under-the-ice exploit.


  1. Who is that guy posing between those two cops? He doesn't look like Hardeen to me. Hardeen was taller.

    1. That's Hardeen. It's from his pitchbook. Could be those cops are just unusually tall.