Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Arthur Moses updates his Houdini Periodical Bibliography

Arthur Moses has released a new and updated edition of his essential Houdini Periodical Bibliography: References From 1898 - 2015. First released in 2006, this updated edition includes 935 new listings for a total of over 2500 entries from 46 countries. It also has new color images, great new cover art, and contains introductions by renown magic periodical bibliophile, Raymond Ricard, and yours truly.

Few legendary men, real or imagined, retain their celebrity nearly 100 years after their passing. However, Harry Houdini was one such man. Covering a time period from 1898 to 2015, this revised bibliography includes 935 individual title listings with over 2500 entries from 46 countries which chronicle all significant articles by or about Houdini in magazines, periodicals, journals, etc. A must for any collector, historian, and researcher of "Houdiniana". There is no greater Houdini literary reference bibliography than this extensive resource. 154 Pages Over 90 B/W and Full Color images.

You can purchase Arthur's updated Houdini Periodical Bibliography: References From 1898 - 2015 at Amazon.com (U.S.) and Amazon.co.uk (UK).

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