Sunday, April 26, 2015

'Resurrecting Harry' new edition

Constance Phillips' 2013 romance novel Resurrecting Harry has been re-released in a new paperback with beautiful new cover art by Kim Jacobs of Calliope-designs. This 2nd edition also includes an excerpt from the upcoming sequel, Liz's Legacy, due in early 2016.

Resurrecting Harry is a paranormal romance novel that tells the story of Houdini returning from the dead in the guise of a younger man, Erich Welch, to help Bess get over her loss. The author says, "As someone who loves and writes romance, I wanted to tackle what is (in my mind) one of the Great Romances of our time."

The new edition of Resurrecting Harry can be purchased at You can learn more about the author and check out her other work at



  1. Thank you for sharing the re-release of Resurrecting Harry.

    1. My pleasure, Constance. I went back and added the name of your cover artist, btw.