Sunday, April 5, 2015

Houdini battles for Most Badass

Houdini was a recent "contestant" on the new AHC show, America's Most Badass. The premise of the show is that historical figures "duke it out" for the title of, you guessed it, Most Badass. Houdini was up against Neil Armstrong, Teddy Roosevelt, and John Dillinger. The expert representatives for our hero were Larry Sloman, co-author of The Secret Life of Houdini, and magician Matthew Holtzclaw.

The show highlighted as examples of Houdini's badassness: the Belle Isle Bridge jump (with some mangled facts), his 1916 Washington D.C. suspended straitjacket escape, his July 1912 overboard box escape in New York harbor, and his Chinese Water Torture Cell.

Our experts handled themselves well, but Houdini, unfortunately, came in last with an overall badass score of 72. As Dean Carnegie pointed out at The Magic Detective, certainly his pioneer aviation exploits could have upped his score. But I don't think anyone was putting much badass brainpower into this one.


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