Thursday, October 29, 2015

Official Houdini Seance is SOLD OUT

Robert Strong reports that tickets to The Official Houdini Seance at the Brava Theater in San Fransisco are now SOLD OUT. It's great to hear that Harry will have a full house on Saturday...should he decide to attend.

Tickets are still available to the two daytime shows at the Brava: a 2:00 PM "Halloween Family Magic Show" featuring magicians Robert Strong, Justin Willman, Paul Draper, and Brian Allen Brushwood, and a 5:00 PM discussion of "Skepticism and the Supernatural" with  Michael Shermer and Jamy Ian Swiss. Tickets to those can be purchased via the Official Houdini Seance website.



  1. Man, wish I could make it! Hope you have a fun time there and a great presentation.