Sunday, August 6, 2017

Remembering Celeste Evans

Last month pioneering magician and escape artist Celeste Evans died at age 85. Born on New Year's Eve 1931, Evans toured extensively in the Far East as a State Department entertainer. After a 1957 of Africa, she settled in Chicago and toured the Playboy Club circuit. Celeste was possibly the first female magician to perform dove magic, made more difficult by the fact that she only wore gowns, leotards, and jumpsuits in her act. She retired from magic in 2003 to run her husband's management business. She passed away on July 25, 2017.

Below is Celeste's appearance on the classic CBS game show To Tell The Truth on May 21, 1957. Houdini is mentioned several times. In fact, the answer to a Houdini question is the deciding factor for one of the judges.

Celeste Evan's obituary appears in the August 2017 Academy of Magical Arts/Magic Castle newsletter.

Thanks to Dustin Stinett.


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