Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Herald finds Houdini in Plymouth

The Herald has a nice spread about Houdini in Plymouth from Derek Tait's new book, The Great Houdini: The British Tours. You can read the full article online here. But there's still something cool about seeing Houdini in good old fashioned newsprint, so thanks to Derek for the image below.

Speaking of The Great Houdini: The British Tours, I just finished reading the book on Sunday. While I'm going to hold back my full review until closer to the U.S. release date (November 2), I will say up front that this is the book of the year and a new Houdini essential! No one who is serious about doing Houdini research can afford to go without it. The book has already opened several new doors for me, one of which I will be taking us through this weekend.

Purchase The Great Houdini: His British Tours now at Amazon.co.uk (UK) or pre-order at Amazon.com (U.S.).



  1. That photo of Harry in the Herald looks like part of a photo shoot when HH was in Boston for that bridge jump in that cerise bathing suit.

    1. Yeah, I guess it could be. In the book Derek doesn't specifically ID this pic as being Plymouth. But hard to tell as HH wore this bathing suit for a few different jumps.

  2. BTW, one of the many revelations in Derek's book is how Houdini was forced to stage his UK bridge jumps. It appears he couldn't always get permission, so he'd have to commando in. He'd leap out of a taxi and jump before the police could stop him. He once used a decoy in a different car.