Monday, May 28, 2018

LINK: Museum Silent Film Benefit and Art Auction a ‘magical’ success

The Catalina Islander, the same paper that reported on the production of Houdini's Terror Island in 1919, today has a nice report on the recent screening event hosted by the Catalina Island Museum. Terror Island also made the cover of the paper for the week of May 18 (right).

CLICK HERE or on the headline to have a read.

The exhibition Houdini: Terror on the Magic Isle is currently on show at the Catalina Island Museum through October 7. For full details check out their website or Facebook.



  1. Note the error in the picture, that's shown on the cover of the "Catalina Islander".

    1. Well, I think what you're talking about is this isn't a photo from the actual event. It's a mock-up. But as far as an "error" goes, there actually is one. To fit the image to the screen they stretched it, and it doing so, changed the film's proper aspect ratio. This makes it appear closer to 1:85 when Terror Island is more like 1:33. But it was projected correctly at the actual event. :)

  2. Oh, thanks John.

    Well, I was actually thinking that the wording on the Title Card was incorrect.

    In hindsight, I guess its just an alternate variation...but I was
    thinking: Shouldn't the wording be "JESSE L. LASKY Presents" (as opposed to "Realart Pictures Presents")

    1. Yeah, unfortunately, the only surviving print of Terror Island (the Library of Congress print) is from a Realart re-release, so all the original Lasky-Paramount title and dialogue cards have been changed. Another reason I wish we could locate another print!