Wednesday, May 23, 2018

HOUDINI by MocomiKids

Here's a fun short film by MocomiKids. This was first posted to YouTube in 2014.

Below are links to the true stories behind a few of the feats referenced in this video.


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  1. Pretty cute! It would certainly capture a kid's imagination. I appreciate your "belly of the beast" link at the bottom. I knew the overall story but had never read all the particulars, so that was great. There was a true story circulating Facebook recently about a man who was swallowed alive (head first and trapped inside the hippo's mouth up to the waist) and managed to escape and survive, although he was badly injured. He referred to the total darkness and the terrible, sulphurous smell inside the hippo's mouth. But that still would have been preferable to the arsenic Houdini had to contend with! Thanks for the post.