Tuesday, November 6, 2018

JFK compared Nixon to Houdini in 1960

Houdini's name has been used in the political arena from his own time right up to the modern day. But here's a mention I only recently discovered.

In the closing days of the 1960 Presidential election, soon to be President John F. Kennedy likened his challenger Richard Nixon to "Houdini." The comparison garnered headlines. Check out the below from November 1, 1960.

There is an amusing followup to this item. The Baltimore Evening Sun reported that Houdini himself returned during an election night seance held by a Mr. Buschaman. Before Houdini left the gathering, he said, "May the man you voted for win." Because the 1960 election was famously close (and some think it may have been stolen), the paper quipped: "And he did."

Don't forgot to Vote today. And if you're in California, no, I'm not that John Cox.


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