Monday, December 20, 2010

The search is on for Houdini's WTIC radio broadcast

Last week I shared the complete text of a rare and, until now, unknown radio address that Houdini gave over station WTIC-CT on December 3, 1925 (click here to read the full article and speech). At the end, I speculated whether it might be possible that a recording of this broadcast still exists.

Well, I've just exchanged emails with the very helpful Chief Engineer of WTIC who is going to make a search of their archives. He says it's a long-shot as only a handful of recordings from 1925 still exist, but WTIC does archive special and historic broadcasts such as this. He also said he believes the WTIC guestbook contains Houdini's signature. How cool is that?

Stay tuned!


  1. Very, very cool! Fingers crossed!

  2. Oh my ... hanging by my fingernails now.

  3. still trying to find this. almost certain I have seen a reference in our audio archives to Houdini. one of these days i may stumble upon it.

    1. Oh, wonderful! Thank you, Jeff. Glad to know the search is still ongoing.