Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Snitch, Houdini and Me

Here's another book name-checking Houdini in its title; The Snitch, Houdini and Me: Humorous Tales of Death-defying Childhood Misadventure by Johnny Virgil. We like these.

Growing up in the 70's wasn't easy. No internet or smartphones, video games or HDTV -- nothing but time to kill and the endless potential of a summer day. Only parental threats and a newly-developed sense of right and wrong could steer Johnny Virgil and his two younger brothers away from trouble...or directly into it.
Join Johnny on this hilarious and irreverent romp through his childhood as he recounts the stories that made him what he is today - an unimportant cog in a vast, corporate financial services machine. But he wasn't always this way, and this book is proof.

UPDATE: You can read more about the book on author Johnny Virgil's blog, 15 Minute Lunch.  You can also buy it direct via his CreateSpace store.


  1. My little brother became enamored of Houdini when he was about 6 or 7 years old. H was always trying to get us to tie him up, wrap him in blankets, lock him in closets, etc., and he'd then try to escape. We nicknamed him Houdini, because he mostly always succeeded. Thanks for the mention!

  2. And thank you for the post. I'm honored! :) Good luck with the book.