Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Artist Jose Fragoso captures Houdini

Artist Jose Fragoso has created this new "tribute illustration" he calls simply Houdini. Says Fragoso:

"From all his performances, Chinese Water Torture Cell was his most successful one, so I thought I could get a good effect fitting the cell in the canvas and making it fill the whole illustration, like there is no extra space, no air to breath. The most relevant visual details are his “retro” bathing suit and his hair, they are going to tell us who he is although we can´t see his face."

To read more about the creation of this image, visit fragosoart.com. A high-quality print is available for a limited time at Printastic.org.


  1. Thank you, John. Fascinating blog that I will "devour" everyday from now!!

  2. Thank you, Jose. Keep up the terrific work. :)