Friday, March 25, 2011

Yet another Houdini birthday

Today is the birthday of actor Paul Michael Glaser, who played Houdini in the 1976 ABC biopic The Great Houdinis. I had no idea Glaser was born the day after the real Houdini until this week when it appeared on his Facebook and Dean Carnegie's terrific Magic Detective blog (in fact, I'm stealing Dean's idea here). Glaser turns 68 today. Happy birthday, Paul!

Recently I took a thorough look back at the Making of The Great Houdinis, which remains my favorite Houdini biopic.


  1. Thief!!!! lol. Actually, with the number of hits you have, I should be stealing from you! And it's hard to beat your Making of The Great Houdinis, that was simply incredible work.

  2. Ha! As a peace offering, I'll send you the above pic in a nice high res. I scanned this from an 8x10 in my collection because I noticed the ones online all cut off his feet. BTW, cool how they put him on a rug that looks similar to the rug in the actual pic. But they couldn't throw a backdrop up? Or at least move him away from that nasty door. There is also a color version of this that I don't have.