Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Houdini & Holmes #1 reprint coming

Great news for those who missed this last year like me. Talented young artist and animator Polly Guo is reprinting the first issue of her independent graphic novel, Houdini & Holmes.

The 25 page book finds Holmes and Watson setting out to prove Houdini's innocence after the magician is accused of murder. While there have been several Houdini-Conan Doyle mash-ups lately, this is the first graphic novel (that I'm aware of) that teams Houdini and Sherlock himself.

Polly's initial print run was only 50 copies, which she sold online and at last year's San Diego Comic Con. This time she will reprint based on interest and pre-orders. Polly says she'll keep me posted when pre-ordering is available, but you can register your interest via her LiveJournal page and also check out her work on her official website: pollums.com.

Polly is currently working on Houdini & Holmes #2.

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