Monday, April 2, 2012

The Magic Castle makes some Houdini additions

On Friday I stopped by The Magic Castle to work on my Top Secret Houdini project for the Magic Collectors Weekend in May (thanks again, Bill), and I was happy to see a few new Houdini items have been added to the Castle decor as part of their ongoing fire recovery.

First and foremost is the addition of the beautiful bronze Houdini bust created by Spectral Motion (right). The bust with custom base sits behind the maitre'd in the main dining room. The Castle has also acquired the Keller, Thurston, Chung Ling Soo, and Robert-Houdin busts, which are being installed above the W.C. Fields bar in the Inner Circle. The busts came courtesy of member Mike Elizalde, owner of Spectral Motion.

Speaking of the Inner Circle, I was happy to see there is now a Houdini Europe's Eclipsing Sensation poster hanging on the wall between the original Alexander and Will Rock-Thurston Show sheets. The poster is not an original, but it still looks great and, you know, it's Houdini! (The great Mike Caveney will give a tour of the Castle posters on Wednesday, April 4.)

Also in Houdini Castle news, our friend and fellow gravehunter Joe Fox has been made the "official curator" of the Houdini artifacts in the Houdini Seance Room. Joe has donated many of the handcuffs on display and is working up a placard for the room that will identify the cuffs. Congratulations Joe!

UPDATE: The Houdini bust has now joined the others behind the W.C. Fields bar.

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  1. Do you know who sculpted the original Houdini bust?