Friday, July 27, 2012

John Gaughan on Psycho and the Crystal Casket

Reader Leonard Hevia alerts me to two Houdini-related items that recently appeared in Genii magazine.

In the June and July issues, John Gaughan in his "Chamber of Secrets" column discusses the history of Kellar's Psycho and Robert-Houdin's Crystal Casket. Keller gave Houdini his famous Psycho automaton (now in the John Gaughan collection), and Houdini performed a version of the Crystal Casket in his full evening roadshow.

Thank you, Leo, for the heads-up. When Gaughan talks we listen!


  1. You're welcome John! Two great articles by Gaughan. He shares the secret of the Crystal Casket and the workings of Psycho.