Thursday, August 9, 2012

Climb inside Houdini's Milk Can, if you dare

Check this terrific pic of the Milk Can on display as part of the Chicago History Museum's Magic exhibition. Very clever! This shot is from an article about the exhibition in the Chicago Tribune.

The Milk Can on display is from the collection of the American Museum of Magic in Marshall, Michigan. Before the Chicago stop it had travelled with the Houdini Art and Magic exhibition. As I've speculated in a few blog posts, I believe it's actually Hardeen's Milk Can.

Magic runs through the first week of January 2013. Click for more information at the Chicago History Museum website.


  1. I got to check this out back in June. The exhibit was alright. The milk can was the highlight of course.
    Bruce Thomson

  2. John,
    When I was in college I did a stage show called a Tribute to Harry Houdini. I had a friend that owned the 1909 Houdini and he allowed me to perform it in my show. I can tell you it is a scary thing. Very hard to get enough warm water. I even had the to be on TV in st Louis at site of the Columbia Theather. It is a moment that brought me very close to the Master escape artist.

    1. Hey Charles,

      Wow, that sounds wild. I once saw Jim Bentley do the Milk Can in a small theater in Hollywood and it really is a frightening thing to witness in person -- I can only imagine what it's like to be inside the can itself! But as you say, closer to Harry.

      So are you saying you used an actual Houdini Milk Can in your escape? Was that Sid's can?