Saturday, August 18, 2012

Houdini joins the Circle of 101 Remarkable Meetings

Houdini plays a role in the new book Hello Goodbye Hello: A Circle of 101 Remarkable Meetings by Craig Brown. The book tracks chance encounters between rich and famous people throughout history and how one meeting leads to the next, etc.

Two short chapters describe Houdini's meeting with the Tsar of Russia during his tour in 1903, and then his encounter with Teddy Roosevelt aboard the Imperator in 1914.

According to our friend Leo Hevia, who tipped me off to this book, the author gets a few things wrong about Houdini's escapes. Apparently he believes that the Big Secret was Bess slipping Houdini the keys with a kiss.

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  1. An nice book with many interesting stories. I got a kick out of the James Dean/Elizabeth Taylor encounter and the Frank Sinatra/Eli Wallach meeting. Brown unfortunately is out of the Houdini circle and fell into the trap of theorizing about Houdini's escape techniques. He should have read Culliton's The Key.

    1. Then he could have written about the Patrick Culliton/James Dean meeting, which is great story.

      Thanks again for the tip. I would have missed this one. :)