Friday, August 24, 2012

The other celebrity death of 1926

Yesterday I attended the 85th Annual Rudolph Valentino Memorial Service held at his grave site in Hollywood Forever Cemetery (also the final resting place of Edward Saint). Of course, Valentino died only two months before Houdini, and also of peritonitis. At last year's memorial, magician Lisa Cousins delivered a talk about Houdini and Valentino. Nothing Houdini related this year, but I was thrilled to get a photo of the reigning "Lady in Black" after she had laid her rose at Valentino's crypt.

Lisa Cousins also alerted me to this curious video of a "ghost" at Valentino's grave. Recognize the voice? While I don't think they ever met in life, seems these two men can't escape being linked in death.


  1. Also worth pointing out that Caryl Fleming -- famous magic name and close friend of Bess who sat in the inner circle at the Final Houdini Seance -- is buried in this same mausoleum. His crypt has the Los Magicos emblem on it.

  2. That ghost looks like a me.