Friday, August 24, 2012

The Milk Can escape in full view of the audience

Here's a remarkable video of French-Canadian escape artist Luc Langevin performing Houdini's Milk Can escape in full view of the audience. How can you possibly do the Milk Can in full view of an audience? Well, check out the video and see for yourself. While it's in French and the method he uses is not the same as Houdini, it's a remarkably clever interpretation and definitely suspenseful!

Thanks to Curtis Lovell II at The Magic Cafe forums for the alert and link.


  1. Will there be any brave females attempting that same particular escape anytime soon?

  2. I like the drama of the opened padlock still being in place on the hasp. I wonder if that is why Houdini used mastodon locks.
    Remember folks, thats Mastodon; when you need to be sure the lock does what you need it to do!
    For some reason that milk can reminds me of the glass beer barrel shaped Smitty's Big Mouth beer bottles back in the 1970s.
    Bruce Thomson

  3. You could see in the faces of the audience how powerful the fundamental effect is of confining a person under water in a small, locked enclosure.

    Interesting modern take. I've heard of modern escape artists who present handcuff acts as demonstrations of lock-picking, not as mysteries. This seems like a similar idea. It works well.

    I don't know French so I don't know what the performer said to the audience. Did he present it as a new way of performing the feat or as Houdini's method?