Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Houdini Museum is on the air (update)

The tireless Dorothy Dietrich and Dick Brookz of the Houdini Museum in Scranton now have a radio talk show.

The Sensational Stories of Dorothy & Dick airs on Community Radio station WFTE on Tuesdays at 11:30am and Saturdays at 9:00am. You can listen at 90.3 or 105.7 in the greater Scranton area, or via live stream at the WFTE website (click the green android). It will also be archived.

Dorothy and Dick's first Sensational show is about the Houdini seance and spiritualists. I expect Houdini will be a regular topic of discussion.

UPDATE: The Sensational Stories of Dorothy & Dick now has a website, www.dorothyanddick.com where you can download and listen to all the episodes, including four episodes devoted entirely to Houdini.


  1. I just clicked on the little green android robot symbol at the top of each http://wfte.org page and that gave me a live stream of what is playing on the station right now.

    An alternative different version of the site can be found at... http://noodleware.com/wfte/
    There is a little green stripe above the orange Donate button that if you click on the first button on that stripe which is an arrow it will also play the live feed of what is on now (LIVE FEED).

    You will not hear our show at either page until Sat at 9 AM. You will hear other shows on the live stream and ours on Sat at 9 AM.

    It is not archived yet as the show is new. The first show is still current so there is no archive.

    They are also changing the site so some of this may change.

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    1. A live feed of the station can also be found here