Sunday, November 18, 2012

Kon Kan's Harry Houdini

I've had this record in my Houdini collection for years, but I've never actually heard the song. Now thanks to a tip from Perry in New Jersey, below is the video for Kon Kan's Harry Houdini.

Kon Kan was a Canadian synthpop band made up of Barry Harris and Kevin Wynne. Harry Houdini was the second single from their 1989 debut album, Move to Move. It made the Top 40 in Canada and climbed to #14 in New Zealand.

It's not a bad song. Enjoy your '80s flashback.


  1. Thanks for the 80's flashback and sharing the film footage. Great find!

  2. Perry here.........can someone tell me how these clips pop up the way they do every now and then? gets to the point that I think I've seen them all and then something like this appears. Are there unseen and unknown film footage of Houdini sitting in vaults or collections around the world? Any insight here John? Also where is this entire footage? I assume at one time there was footage of the entire stunt......where is it now? Is anyone aware of incredible Houdini footage anywhere? I would assume that at some point in time a Houdini stage performance was filmed...perhaps the USD?

    1. I am aware of some unseen film out there in the hands of private collectors. Nothing earth shattering like the USD, at least not that I'm aware of.

  3. Wow,,,not wow about the song, rather a huge WOW! for those seconds of the roped up kiss!
    That was an awesome bit, dang what all is out there?
    Thanks again for finding this
    Michael Griffin