Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Fifth graders keeping Houdini alive

Houdini himself may have never made it beyond the 4th grade, but he's certainly a strong presence in grade school classrooms these days. Check out these 5th graders from Perry Elementary Center. Each year the students do a book report on famous historical figures, then hold a "Wax Museum" in which they get to dress up as their subjects "frozen in time."

Notice in the photo below the young man as Houdini. He appears to have done his report on Sid Fleischman's ESCAPE! The Story of Houdini (an excellent choice of book). The keys in the mouth are a clever touch.

You can read more about the bright young students at Perry Elementary at Berks-Mont News.



  1. The girl on the far left - must be Cecilia Weiss (Same facial expression) :-)

  2. WOW! Talk about FLASHBACK time!! This made me think of 6th or 7th grade, when there was a play based on Houdini's life in Scholastic scope magazine, that we got at school, back in the 70's, & guess what young magi got to play the title role in the play in school. ME! Thanks for transporting me back to a sweet time. I am constantly amazed at how Houdini, a man who died before tv, internet, talking films {full length anyway}, & during the birth of radio, has always maintained his status of being te first magician people tend to name when asked to name a magician. & it's ESPECIALLY amazing, as he wasn't even KNOWN as a magician, he was known more for being an ESCAPE ARTIST! Died in 1926, & still going strong. Now that's what I call STAYING POWER! :)

    1. Indeed!

      Love that you got the Houdini part in your school play. :)