Monday, August 6, 2018

Houdini swings at the Sandbox Theatre

The Sandbox Theatre in Minneapolis will present an "outdoor aerial play" about Houdini, August 15-18. Below are details:

Houdini is a world premier outdoor aerial play, and the first production by Sandbox Theatre’s new aerial program, The Swingset
The greatest performance artist of his time, Harry Houdini spent his life in pursuit of escape — escape from poverty, from antisemitism, from self-applied chains, and from his greatest rival, death itself. 
Houdini explores our human desire for metamorphosis, how we seek to change ourselves, our world, and the price we pay in our pursuit. 

For more information visit the Sandbox website or Facebook page. You can also learn about the behind the scenes process of this unique production here.

Gives fresh meaning to the idea of Houdini as "Prince of the Air", doesn't it?

UPDATEHoudini has been extended for one special free performance on Aug. 27. Details here.


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