Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Houdini's Silver Dollar Misfits return

The first issue of a new comic book series Houdini's Silver Dollar Misfits is released today by Hocus Pocus Comics. If this title sound familiar, it should! In 2008, a book called Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar Misfits was released by the same creator/writer, Dwight L. MacPherson.

MacPherson explained the evolution of his idea in an interview at FreakSugar:

"I wrote a book called Kid Houdini and the Silver Dollar Misfits that was published in 2008. It received a lot of Hollywood attention, but it eventually fell apart because it was labeled a “period piece.” In the ensuing years I wondered: how can I bring this story into the 21st century? So I began piecing together the story bone by bone, if you will, until I had written the entire first story. Obviously the characters and premises are quite different from Kid Houdini, but both involve mysteries, magic, and Harry Houdini. In one way or another." 

I can't quite tell if this is going to be a printed comic or online only. But at the moment, I know it can be found at comiXology and



  1. Thanks for sharing this, my friend! You are appreciated!

    1. Thank YOU, Dwight. Good luck with it. (And wake up Hollywood!)