Thursday, August 9, 2018

Treasures from the Harry Ransom Center revealed

The Harry Ransom Center's Performing Arts curator Eric Colleary and archivist Amy Armstrong held a Facebook Live chat today in which they shared artifacts from their Houdini collections. Some true treasures here! If you didn't get a chance to see the live stream, you can watch the full video via the Harry Ransom Center's YouTube Channel (below). Enjoy.

The Harry Ransom Center has recently completed a two year re-cataloging of their Houdini and Magic collections. For more information visit their official website.



  1. Eric and Amy did a wonderful job of presenting the artifacts on display. They appear to be quite knowledgeable and enthusiastic. Was that a Vanishing Elephant mini poster on the table?

    1. It is indeed. Stay tuned (within the hour) for a post about the three Vanishing Elephant posters the Center has.

  2. The Ransom Center has uploaded the chat to their YouTube Channel. I've updated the Facebook link to an embed so you watch right here.