Friday, July 29, 2011

August MAGIC believes in Rosabelle

The August 2011 issue of MAGIC Magazine contains a terrific article by Gregory Curtis about his discovery of the original Houdini Code memo written by Bess Houdini and sealed in a safe deposit box. This is the note that spelled out exactly how Houdini would communicate from beyond the grave if he could -- a note that Houdini's lawyer, B.M.L. Ernst, said "only existed in Bessie's imagination." Apparently not.

The remarkable discovery was made within a new cache of estate documents recently acquired by the Harry Ranson Center at The University of Austin, Texas.

I won't spoil all of Curtis' findings here, but two things I found revelatory was the fact that Bess says the original code was conceived in 1913 (much earlier than I would have thought), and instead of Rosabelle, they had originally used "Mike", another pet name Houdini had for Bess. Great stuff!

The August issue of MAGIC (with "The Making of A Million Dollar Magic Show" on the cover) can be purchased at magic retailers and online at the MAGIC Magazine website.


  1. I'd love to read this article .... Are they "Gone" now??????

  2. This is OOP ... I'd love to read the article ;)