Saturday, September 15, 2018

Europe's Eclipsing Sensation: 1900 to 1905

Today I'm sharing a new block of preview years from The New Houdini Chronology: 1900 to 1905. These are the years that saw Houdini's breakout fame as the "King of Handcuffs and World Champion Jail Breaker" across England, Germany, France, Holland, and Russia.

As a bonus, I've also included the massive "A.D." page that tracks the amazing afterlife of Houdini from 1927 to the present.

I'm no longer offering the entire chronology online as I'm working toward publishing it as a book. But if you ever need any specific information related to a date not currently previewed, feel free to get in touch.

I hope you enjoy this latest peek inside The New Houdini Chronology.



  1. Houdini's almost back-to-back touring schedule during most of these years, and all those performances, coupled with slow communications and travel, language barriers, cultural differences, plus planning and oversight of every preparation for the next city, make today's tours look leisurely by comparison. Thanks for sharing all this information.

    1. He really worked non-stop. One wonders where he found time for all his secret missions for the government! ;p

    2. Keep in mind that Harry only toured with a big show in 1925 and 26. Before that he toured as a self-contained act. So he only had to transport his USD and other props like maybe his Metamorphosis trunk.

    3. True, but he still had plenty. Remember this pic?

    4. Yep--it's in Christopher's Pictorial History. But even that's not too much for 3 guys to lug. An illusion show had to transport a lot more than that. And I also don't believe language was a barrier for HH. Notice he preferred to perform in language familiar countries like Britain, Australia, and the German/Bavarian locales. The only difficulties were France and Russia. Harry never toured thru Latin America, Italy, nor Asia.

    5. So I guess he did have time for spying after all. :p