Monday, September 3, 2018

Justin "Houdini" Willman breaks out on Netflix

It's rare that I give a shoutout to a magician or show that doesn't have a firm Houdini connection, but that's what I'm doing for Justin Willman's new series on Netflix, Magic For Humans. It's terrific. And while the show may not have a Houdini connection, Justin does!

You might remember that Justin played Houdini at the 2015 Houdini Historical Roast at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles. He also performed at the 2015 Official Houdini Séance in San Fransisco. I met him on both occasions. He's a great guy and a superb magician. And he looks like Houdini!

Houdini's spirit message to his 2015 roasters.

Magic For Humans is currently streaming on Netflix. Justin is also touring. For more info visit his official website. I would also recommend watching Justin & Jill's DRUNK HISTORY wedding parody, which is charming, and Breaking up with a magician, which has a nice Houdini inside joke.



  1. I checked the show out last week, and I agree - it's very cool and often very funny. He's amazing and unique.

  2. That Historical Roast was fantastic. Justin's King-Queen-6-9-Surprise! card trick was memorable, to say the least! Yes, and he looks like Houdini too.