Saturday, September 1, 2018

Los Angeles Magazine recommends a Houdini Séance

Check out the cover of the September 2018 Los Angeles Magazine with some "Must Do L.A." recommendations. Notice what's in the circle almost dead center.

8-9. Get Spooked at a Magic Castle Séance 
Hidden upstairs in the Hollywood magic club is a parlor lined with portraits, handcuffs, and other treasures from the life of Harry Houdini. Play your cards right, and you can join a medium in summoning the escape artist’s spirit. After a four-course meal, the lights dim, and things get weird. 
How to do it: You need an invite to visit the castle, but not for séances. The trick? They’re for groups of 10 to 12, require a reservation, and start at $135 per person.

They fail to mention that there are periodic non-dinig séances for only $50 that do not require 10 to 12 people to book. And they could have added that you'll want to do this quickly as the Houdini Séance will go on hiatus at the end of November for a complete retooling. The new and improved séance will resume sometime in 2019.


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