Sunday, September 2, 2018

Terror Island serialized in Boys' Cinema

No, we haven't forgotten that this is the summer of Terror (Island). Joe Notaro has certainly not forgotten, and recently he uncovered a copy of the May 14, 1921 issue of Boys' Cinema that contained a serialization of the movie.

Now Joe is offering his own weekly serialization of the serialization at his blog Harry Houdini Circumstancial Evidence. Below is his lineup of posts, half of which he has completed. New posts appear each Sunday.

1. A Prisoner Among Salvages
2. A Wonderful Submarine
3. An Offer Refused and One accepted
4. The Sham Fire
5. A Life in the Balance
6. Sent to a Watery Grave
7. The Rescue
8. On the Cannibal Island

Also don't forget that Houdini Terror on the Magic Isle is still on exhibition at the Catalina Island Museum through October 7. We love our friends on Catalina!


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