Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Sady's mourning dress for Bess

Following up on Jack Sander's groundbreaking guest blog yesterday about Leopold and Sadie (a.k.a. Sady) Weiss, here's an interesting item from the Shamokin News Dispatch for August 3, 1927.

As Jack discovered, the Hungarian born Sady was a successful Manhattan fashion designer and executive who ran Bruck-Weiss Millinery off Fifth Avenue. She received a fair amount of press in her day for her fashion philosophy, but the fact that she was Houdini's sister-in-law was rarely mentioned (as it isn't above).



  1. I guess the fact of her wearing this indicates Bess remained neutral in the tensions between Houdini and his sister-in-law (or at least it wasn't an issue after Harry passed away)?

  2. I can imagine Sadie dropping by 278 now and then after Harry's death to chat with Bess.