Sunday, February 10, 2019

That pesky Parson's Theater program

Joe Notaro at Harry Houdini Circumstantial Evidence is using his regular Sunday post to provide a great service. Many have seen at auction--and may even own--a program for Houdini's 3 Shows in One at the Parson's Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut, during the week of December 1, 1925 (right). These are commercial reproductions created sometime in the 1970s. However, nowhere on them does it say it's a reproduction, and the age of the paper can now cause people to mistake it as the real thing and pay a price in line with that belief.

But now Joe has uncovered an original Parson's program at the McCord Museum in Montreal, and he shows how one can identify a reproduction, which actually has a notable printing error!

So click on over to HHCE and learn the secret of that pesky Parson's Theatre program and never be fooled again!



  1. BTW, one of these is on eBay right now at $75 with 3 bids.

    Does anyone know who made these and when?