Friday, February 1, 2019

WILD ABOUT HARRY January 2019 in review

I'm always concerned that the volume and speed of posts here on WILD ABOUT HARRY causes people to miss something they might have otherwise enjoyed. I post (almost) daily, but I certainly can't expect people to visit daily. So here's a rundown of posts by category that I've shared during this first month of 2019. As you can see, we're off to a WILD year!

Most Viewed Post
Holy smokes! Thirty minutes of largely unseen Houdini film surfaces

Houdini History
Houdini in 1919
Houdini hangs at the Palace
Bill Rauscher on Arthur Ford and the Houdini Code
Hanging with Houdini
A gift between Circumnavigators
A new photo from Hardeen's Medium Well Done
Houdini's Berlin bridge jump footage described
Was Houdini a chauvinist?
Bess leaves the act in 1908
Houdini arrives in Los Angeles
Here's Houdini's rarely seen aviation trophy today
Houdini said he first did Buried Alive in 1908
The Landrah Corporation?

Houdini's Last Secrets
Houdini's Last Secrets premieres tonight
No, that's NOT the secret of Houdini's Water Torture Cell (review)
Houdini's Last Secrets available for purchase online
Houdini's Last Secrets episode 2 hits the mark (review)
Facebook Live chat with George Hardeen today
George Hardeen talks Houdini and television
Houdini's Last Secrets episode 3 unlocks the Carette (review)
Houdini's Last Secrets episode 4 unearths Buried Alive (review)
Houdini's Last Secrets airs in the UK starting Feb. 6

"Howlin' from the Houdini Hole" in Austin, Jan. 19
Wait, Houdini is in Holmes & Watson???
Listen to me on Dark Sun Rising tonight at 10 EST
Minerva vs. Houdini in new play
Prince Ea on Houdini and the prison of the mind

Joe Posnanski has finished his Houdini book

Houdini plays Atlanta in 1912...and 2019!
Jewish Museum of Maryland's farewell to Houdini

Mystifier File
Mystifier, First Quarter 1996

What's wrong with this picture?
There's a skilled Houdini forger out there

LINK: Houdini’s great-nephew seeks secrets to the magic in new TV show
LINK: Unknown Houdini Illusion for the 1927 tour
LINK: How Harry Houdini might have pulled off his most daring trick

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Houdini's Last Secrets Episode Guide (new page)

If people like this idea of a monthly review post, let me know in the Comments and I will make it a regular feature.


  1. I like it. Keep up the good work.

  2. Really nice to have this wrap up John. I do visit your site daily though :)


  3. The visit here is always well worth it. Aside from the daily posts, I often see something in the side column that I want to check out or revisit. Always enjoyable and always fires my imagination. Grateful!