Monday, March 25, 2019

Looking into the future...

Yesterday I retweeted the many Houdini birthday wishes (58) that crossed the various Twitter hashtags. Among them was this standout tweet from Howard Thurston expert and mega collector Rory Feldman who shared a gem from his collection. A great photo and a terrific inscription. Perhaps they are looking at us?

You can check out all the other birthday tweets @HoudiniWild.



  1. Great, unusual photo and inscription. Also nice to see a tweet of acknowledgement from Coney Island History.

  2. I think the Houdini-Thurston friendship was at best superficial. Early in his career Thurston tried to borrow $250 from Harry in 1908 when he was beginning his magic career. Houdini told Thurston to borrow it from Dr. Wilson, a friend of Thurston and an enemy of Harry at that time.

    1. That was kind of an isolated incident having to do more with Houdini's hatred for Wilson (at that time) than any feelings toward Thurston. Houdini lent Thurston money on other occasions, and they were friends their whole lives. I think Thurston understood Houdini's ego and moods, and knew how to not fall on his bad side. He was happy to be SAM Vice President to Houdini's President. He knew it was important for Houdini to be #1 always. This all comes across in the Steinmeyer book.

    2. Ah--that's interesting. I have Steinmeyer's Thurston bio, read it, and don't remember most of the contents.