Sunday, March 3, 2019

LINK: Franz and friends

Reader Perry Reed alerts me to a website called Lost Vaudeville that features the postcard collection of costume designer Blanche Townsend. Among the cards is one that shows Houdini's assistant Franz Kukol. It's an image I've never seen. The card is from March 1907 when Houdini was playing two weeks the Valentine Theater in Toledo, Ohio.

Click the headline to see the full Franz and friends at Lost Vaudeville.

Thank you Perry.



  1. The full postcard image is quite wonderful. Franz (if you take away the mustache) reminds me of that actor who played the audience plant who challenges Houdini to escape a London jail cell in the 1953 film. Nice that the handwriting on the postcard specifically mentions Houdini. (Franz looks like he was a live wire!)

    1. The mention is great. "Franz from Houdini".

  2. That's one of the clearest, close up photos of Kukol I've ever seen. Houdini's assistants also made friends throughout the tours. Perry found a gemstone here. This is an interesting website of a piece of American history. You never know what can turn up around next Internet corner.