Saturday, March 9, 2019

A gathering at Famous Players-Lasky

Here's a photo of a gathering at the Famous Players-Lasky studio commissary in Hollywood. This comes from the July 5, 1919 Motion Picture News. Can you spot our boy? Extra points if you can spot his Terror Island co-star and director (even though this was taken while Houdini was shooting The Grim Game).

Click to enlarge.

The Famous Players-Lasky studio stood on Vine Street between Selma and Sunset Blvd. Today it's the site of modern development and a 1968 bank building which once housed "The Society of American Magicians Hall of Fame and Magic Museum."

Below are a few more posts that show Houdini at work at the Lasky studio.



  1. I love that photo. In addition to the Terror Island director and co-star, that looks like Arthur Hoyt from the Grim Game sitting next to Ann Forrest (or is that Wanda Hawley).

  2. Not far from Harry is Cecil B. Demille sitting next to Gloria Swanson. Wow! The great Norma Desmond in her heyday.