Saturday, November 30, 2019

November 2019 in review

Here's a rundown of posts by category that appeared on WILD ABOUT HARRY in November.

Most Viewed Post
Here is that remarkable Houdini mystery footage

Houdini History
Bess appears on Halloween
In 1919 Houdini was tied to a cannon for veterans (twice)
Mysterious Houdini footage now mysteriously gone
My first look at the real Houdini
LINK: Harry Houdini made history right here in Kansas City
Houdini is a Historical Hottie
Houdini and the Mandela Effect
Houdini was to speak at spiritualism symposium in late 1926
Finding Houdini in Hull
Houdini's close call on Catalina Island 100 years ago today
The true date of the Jess Willard encounter

Houdini's Day of the Dead on Catalina Island
Photos from The Official Houdini Seance 2019
Discover Houdini the Collector at the Harry Ransom Center, Dec. 5

The Fens - Xmas in November (Official Video)
Once Upon A Time in Laurel Canyon
'Man of Magic' to be released as limited edition CD

Sneak Peek: The Brave Harry Houdini

Books & Merch
The Phantom Files: Houdini's Curse
Harry Houdini's War is at peace with the facts
The scent of Houdini

Houdini's Magicians Club portrait to be auctioned
The Master Mystery episode 3 poster at auction

Hidden Houdini in the "Cursed Temple"
"Houdini & Hardeen" is back online
Barcelona's Museum of Chocolate holds Houdini
SPECTATE brought Houdini to Brisbane in 2017

Mystifier File
Mystifier, First Quarter 2000


  1. John, thank you for providing us with another month of really terrific postings.

    1. Thanks Karl! December will only have a handful of posts as I'm going to take my year end break a little early, but I've got some good ones. :)

  2. Yes! Thank you for the roller coaster Houdini ride each month!